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Virus and Spam Protection   

With the ever increasing threats on the Internet, it is absolutely essential to ensure that you have adequate protection for your computers.

If you are on a network,  you are at an even higher risk of a threat spreading if your computer is not protected.

We are authorised resellers of the Avast Suite of programs, for desktops to server protection; Avast uses very little resources and works quietly in the background with simple controls and the best security available – to reduce your risk at every level. As part of our service we also perform a
full clean up of each computer so that Avast starts from a clean canvas.

If you already have a malicious virus, malware, adware popups on your computer or it is just running a bit slow, speak to our team who will advise you on how to remove and clean your computer and if necessary, take it away and fix it for you at our lab.

Contact us on 01438 225922 to protect your computer today or for more information on our virus removal and clean up services.

Virus removal from any system

Spam filtering  

Identity theft protection

Full Email Scanning

Removal of system Hijacks

Server or Web based Virus/Spam Scanning