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Data Recovery Options    

Lost important data from your computer system? Don't have a backup copy? Let us help; in 90% of cases we are successful.

There are various stages of data loss and ways we can recover your data with varying cost.

The simplest form of data recovery is normally associated with no physical damage to your computer, but either where you cannot get into windows or slightly more complex if you have deleted all your data from a hard drive format or windows re-installation. Either way we are able to recover your data using our sophisticated data extraction software at our workshop and recover your data to a memory stick, external hard drive or DVD disks.

If your drive has sustained physical damage, such as head failure, motor crashes or a controller board erro then your data will need to be examined in a dust free environment. In these circumstances we would send the drive to our laboratory, where we will conduct a free diagnosis of your drive and give you a quote for recovery. We offer a fixed price for repair,   we do not charge per GB of data recovered as some do. We believe this is the fairest policy.

No recovery then there is no fee to pay and your drive is returned to you, call us today on 01438 225922.

90% recovery success rate

48 hour emergency service available

Hard drives, Multimedia cards, USB sticks and Ipods.

'No data no fee policy'

Full cleanroom laboratory with expert technicians