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Data Recovery

Your hard drive in your computer or server fails and your data is not accessible. You accidentally delete important or sentimental data. Fire, theft, the list goes on. If you do not have a method of recovering your data then instances like these examples are permanent.

If you have always thought about getting a backup solution or you are looking at your current system of simple copying or tape backups, then by reading this you are already in the right direction. We can turn your company or personal data into a secure, recoverable information solution that works for your budget, infrastructure requirements and retention periods.

We have a backup solution for you, from our Online Backup Service to a Local Backup Service. We believe that these solutions are some of the most important decision you can make about your information and the priceless cost if it were lost.

If disaster strikes and your hard drive has failed, call us now to discuss your data recovery options on 01438 225922.