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Business Support  

Remote support

95% of all problems resolved  within 1 hour of connection.

Secure remote support over the web.

For Windows PCs, Apple Mac's and Windows Servers

Fast and Affordable Support

Onsite Support

Experienced IT Technicians

For all Windows PCs, Mac's, Servers, and peripherals  at Home or Office environment.

Rapid response to your office or SOHO

Our customer support operates at the forefront of current remote and helpdesk technology. Whether the issue is with your computer, the entire network or an attached device and you have a working Internet connection, we can resolve the majority of issues with our remote support service externally.

If a problem requires on-site attention or you do not have a working Internet connection, then one of our trained and experienced technicians will visit you to fix your IT issues, all at affordable hourly rates.

Why employ an IT Manager when we can provide you with full network and helpdesk support at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time IT professional. We can handle all of the support for you externally through our helpdesk and over a secure Internet connection.